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   The PackAlarm Pro is a pocket-sized, eight-ounce, camping alarm that alerts you to bad guys and bears in an area up to the size of a basketball court.  Velcro straps fasten it to a bush or a stake near your tent and lets you wake up and defend yourself.

   You string its sensor line in a circle, square, or straight line to guard where you want to be warned of danger.  There are no limits to the odd shapes your perimeters can take, and the PackAlarm Pro can be used in any setting, whether it's in the desert, the mountains, or the woods.

   The sensor line is almost frictionless and can be strung right through brush, trees, and weeds, where it becomes invisible.  It can even run 90 degrees around a tree and the 125-decibel siren and the LED will STILL get activated because the line is so slippery and strong.  What’s more, the PackAlarm Pro can't be set off by small animals because they run right under the line.  It also comes with a 10-foot power cord that lets you position the LED autonomously, or you can use it as a 100-hour-runtime emergency flashlight.

   Everything comes direct from the factory, along with select spare parts and a camo carry bag, in a 4X4X6-inch box, and over 1,400 have been sold around the world.  Don't go wild without it! 


     Click the Buy Now button below, enter quantity number for more than one, skip Pay with PayPal unless you want to use that method, click Pay with Debit or Credit Card just below, and complete the information, with your phone number, to order a PackAlarm Pro at $79.99, which includes packaging and first-class postage to anywhere in the world.  Thank you.



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