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The PackAlarm is a pocket-sized, portable alarm that warns campers of bear attacks or if they are being threatened by someone.  Itís half the size of a coffee cup, weighs eight ounces, and protects a 330-foot boundary line or a perimeter of up to 6,500 square feet.  Your imagination will be the only limitation on how you use it to keep you safe because it's so simple and dependable.

The PackAlarm consists of a small housing, a reel with sensor line, a top knob, a trigger, and six sensor-line guides for use in the open where there are no brush or trees.  When something or someone bumps the sensor line, a microprocessor activates a siren that screams for five minutes.  Hook-and-loop straps fasten the housing to a bush or a stake near your tent when you're camping in bear country, which lets you wake up and protect yourself when one sneaks in at night.  You are warned of thieves in the same way, since it's impossible for them to see the spidery line before it's too late.  Meanwhile, the PackAlarm can't be triggered by small animals because they run right under the line.

You select an attach point for the PackAlarm and then string its sensor line in a circle, square, or straight line to protect the area where you want to be warned of an attack. The sensor line is almost frictionless and can be strung right through trees, brush, and weeds. The line becomes invisible once it's hidden by undergrowth. It can even run 90 degrees around a tree to set up a perimeter back to the PackAlarm, and the siren will STILL get tripped because the sensor line is so slippery and strong. There are no limits to the odd shapes your perimeters can take, and the PackAlarm can be used in any setting, whether it's in the woods, the desert, or the mountains. It even works in rainstorms or if it's accidently dropped in water.


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